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Monday, February 21, 2011

Twitter Revolution : Libya Falling

Libyan diplomats at the UN are calling for Gadaffi to step down.  The United Nations general secretary has called for an end to the violence.  Even the United States has been fairly quiet so far, but the silence of the leader of the free world is deafening to Libyans and the White House is starting to recognize they have a role to play.  The Qatar foreign minister has called for the Arab League to convene an emergency meeting and the EU ministers are calling for an end to the violence.

Yesterday three Libyan ambassadors had resigned, the Army was starting to defect, and Foreign Secretary William Hague suggested Gadaffi could be on his way to Venezuela, but high ranking sources in the Venezuelan government deny this.  Reports flying around the twitterverse said all the private jets at Tripoli airport had departed, carrying the elite of Libyan society to the far reaches of the Globe.  How much of that is true?  We don't know, it's all hearsay until proven.

Today dawned with reports of Libyan Air Force jets bombing civilians.  We have no confirmation on that yet, but we do know two Libyan Air Force pilots defected and flew to Malta. 

The Air Force pilots refused to take part in the operations against civilians.  They are both colonels and have now asked for political asylum.  They were part of a squadron that was ordered to bomb civilians in Benghazi and they elected not to do that.  During their interrogation in Malta, the two colonels have supplied officials with classified materials related to Libyan military operations taking place in the country right now.

People are trying to figure out how many people have been killed in the carnage.  The numbers being discussed in mainstream press is measured in the hundreds, but some physicians in Benghazi have suggested that such a number would apply to one single hospital.  The extrapolation is that thousands could be dead.  The Libyan people are crying for help because they know they must defeat Gadaffi or they will pay for their defiance with their lives.

As many nations evacuate their diplomatic staff and corporations scramble to remove their people, the Libyan people continue their struggle for freedom.  And the World watches.

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