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Monday, February 21, 2011

What Can Be Done in Libya

With the airspace being closed over Libya, the ability to get expats out of the country just got a lot tougher.  It has been reported the government of Turkey has ordered their government officials not to say a word until such time as the 25,000 Turkish citizens are evacuated, lest they create problems for their own citizens. 

As we know, the Libyan ruler is entirely prepared to engage in genocide to preserve a hold on power.  There are not hundreds dying... there are thousands dying.  The problem now is that nation states are focusing on how to extricate their citizens.  The more they can fly under the radar, the more citizens they are likely to get out of Libya. 

We have seen many Libyan ambassadors resign, a few minutes ago the Libyan ambassador to the United States came out and condemned what is taking place in Libya. There are reports that Libyan Naval Ships are moving to the Tripoli coast and may begin firing into the city.  Probably the defection of the Libyan Air Force officers in Malta has created enough evidence for the United Nations to act.  If the UN invokes article 7 and creates a "no fly" zone, as they did in Bosnia, then the Libyan military will be forced to consider their actions as they would then be subject to war crimes.  The demand for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, evidently, has come from the Prime Minister of Qatar.

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