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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Skill, wisdom, courage, and excellence are all traits of the master.  But, over the years, I have come to learn that the greatest attribute of a teacher is the ability to inspire.  For while the traits of a master can be taught and learned, inspiration is the magical lightening bolt that strikes the heart of a human, providing the wings to fly to a higher plane of existence.

It is in this realm where humans move entire mountains, defy timeless gravity, and strike not with muscle and bone, but with thunder and lightening.  Here does a human scream with enough passion to rupture beams of steel and shatter walls of stone.  Upon this sacred soil soaked not with water, but with sweat, tears, and blood, the skies rain not water, but wine - every last drop filled with meaning.  Above this field of eternal struggle, the heavens are filled with stars shining bright with courage, grace, power, and pride.  Only in this immortal domain can the mortal human reach into the night sky, grab the brightest of stars, and mold them into the sword of character.  Though the human will one day perish, the sword lives on.  For the human is to character as the rise and fall of a single flame to the everlasting notion of fire.

In a World where a lifetime is summed up in its brief moments of glory, I owe my grandeur to the teacher who has given me the wings to fly into the realm of divine triumph, a teacher who can reach beyond the distant horizon and bring up the midnight sun.

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