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Friday, July 8, 2011

Devon - Alberta's BikeTown

At a recent Council meeting the Chambers were absolutely packed with bicycle enthusiasts of all ages to pitch the idea of a Mountain Bike Skills Park.  This builds on the re-branding efforts Devon has undertaken with our BikeTown initiative.  It made perfect sense to me, but I am from the world of economic development and tourism.  

Devon is a like a bejeweled crown sitting atop the river valley, and one of the sparkling gems in our crown is the bicycle races.  The progression from Regional to National level competition is amazing for a small town.  Youth in Devon have become energized by our BikeTown brand, and now they've submitted and arrived at a top 20 in the Kraft Celebration Tour, a chance to win $25,000 to help build a World Class Mountain Bike Skills Course.

If we win the Kraft Celebration Tour, Devon will host a TSN Sports Centre live broadcast... national television plus Kraft will donate $25,000 to help Devon build a World Class Mountain Bike Skills Park.  What a tremendous opportunity, and all of it cooked up by our youth right here in Devon.

This is an important opportunity for Devon.  Remember, beyond the TV coverage and the incredible boost to our national profile that brings... bike riders eat food, buy gas, they stay in rooms or at the campground.  Perhaps some stop in to get a haircut, some go to the club and toss back a beer or two, others head down to the golf course for a quick 9 holes.  

BikeTown is a great initiative, what the youth of Devon have accomplished with the Kraft Celebration Tour top 20 is nothing short of amazing!  Let's rally around our youth, around bikes, and embrace the healthy and sporting lifestyle that represents.

So get on board the team and CLICK HERE on July 13th.  Vote Often - you can vote as much as your you can stand from 12 noon ET July 13th to 12 noon July 14th!  That's a 24 hour window of clicking and submitting votes from the comfort of your own home (or a voting party or wherever) - and a lifetime of fun in a World Class Mountain Bike Skills Park!

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